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JSW have developed their method of improving reporting – in both accuracy and turnaround speed for clients. Nobody can have failed to have noticed the growth of online services in the last five years and in particular, the banking sector has been quick to take advantage of these technological advances.

If our clients follow a few basic steps when using their online banking, then we can help them in the turnaround of banking information. The system used makes bookkeeping quick, accurate and friendly and saves the inputting and manual writing of a cashbook. This gives us the ability to complete VAT returns and Management Accounts in a quick turn round.

HSA Process

    A) Client logins into their online banking product.
    B) Select transactions for a defined period and download into “CSV” format. (This is one of the standard options)
    C) Put the file into our secure document portal (we are automatically notified that the file is there)
    D) JSW will then separate the bank payments and the bank receipts using HSA accounts.
    E) JSW produce a fully analysed cashbook.

From the cashbook, JSW are able to produce Management Accounts and quarterly VAT returns.

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