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Real Time Information (RTI)

Real Time Information (RTI) has been the largest change to PAYE – since 1944.  It was introduced on the 6 April 2013 and doesn’t affect the way that calculations are made – it affects the way submissions are made.

You, as an employer, have to provide HMRC with more information about your staff. You also have to record information, every time that you pay your staff – that’s right every time.

There have already been changes to the implementation since the scheme was launched. With Auto-Enrolment due upon us in six months, then the costs of compliance on business are only going to increase.

You still issue P60’s, but you no longer have to submit P14 or P35's. In fact, if just these few basic points are confusing you, then just pick the phone up and call 01782 711637 or email and we'll be able to take the payroll pain away from your business straight away.

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