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R & D Tax credit services are offered by Stoke on Trent accountants

Research And Development Tax Credits are designed to aid innovation in the UK economy. It’s a startling fact, but only 85% of eligible claims for R and D were taken in 2013!

Why is this?

Because most SMB’s are not being told about the service by their advisors.

We can help - we are different, we know what makes a claim and more importantly, we will guide through the whole process, from start (asking you relevant questions), through too presenting the claim and answering queries from the HMRC.

HMRC legislation talks about resolution of scientific or technological  uncertainties  and we are experts at guiding you through the process.  We have a 100% success rate.

Have you solved a challenging business issue – without throwing consultants or marketing spend at the problem.

  • Have you streamlined your processes?
  • Have you developed a new product.
  • Added new functionality to your products e.g. making them more robust?

Let us help you, claim money that is being left on the table.

Call our R and D Tax Credit team now on Office Tel: 01782 711637 or email

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