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Services - Valuation services Stoke on Trent

Valuation services are offered by accountants in Stoke on Trent

It will be the outcome of many year's blood, sweat and tears. It will also be a period when they understand, that will have to engage the services of an accountant. The accountant will guide them through the preparation for sale, valuation of the business and be involved in the negotiations.

Here at JSW Chartered Accountants our approach is different – we will be working with you from Day one of your business to achieve that successful outcome. We'll ensure that you have a plan and are working towards that plan during the lifetime of your business. Then when you are hitting milestones, you’ll know whether you are going to hit the targets that you have set. Milestones that will enable you to enjoy the next stage of your life's journey – be that time on a beach, yacht or golf course. Success that could help your children or grandchildren. Finances that could help you in a new business venture or allow you to spend time in a charity that is your real passion.

Research from Professor John Watson, University of Western Australia, states "that the failure rate of SME's would be dramatically reduced if business owners accessed appropriate advice. SME owners who access advice are far more likely to succeed than those that don't".

So not only are we available at all steps of the journey, we are able to provide a valuation service of your business, when it comes to the time when you are ready to sell. This will enable you to achieve the most for your business, but also ensure that purchasers receive the business in the best possible state and that your existing staff have a prosperous future.

For more details on our valuation service, then please contact me at or call 01782 711637 for a confidential conversation.

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