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"My business relationship with Stuart dates back 25 years, and I can honestly say that in that time, I have never thought of looking elsewhere for an accountant. My business philosophy has always been to go to bed at night and sleep soundly, not to cut corners to make a quick buck – and Stuart has been an essential part of ensuring that I sleep soundly."

"Stuart ensures that we are compliant, reduces the risk to this business and ensures that we are on time with all of the ever increasing compliance that is thrown at business owners these days. The team at JSW are responsible for producing our annual accounts, the audit work we require as an insurance broker, monthly payroll, corporation tax and the personal tax affairs of the directors. I’ve never had a moment’s worry that he will be unable to cope with the demands of the business or deliver late."

"As well as the compliance work, Stuart has always been keen to include some “value added “ work in our review meetings, and I know that he invests in technology to provide additional services, on top of his own business acumen."

"Hopefully from my testimonial, you can see that I think very highly of Stuart and his team. I thank them for their work, Stuart for his wise counsel over 25 years and look forward to continuing our business relationship over the next 25 years!!"

Alan Carrick   Aynsley Insurance

"Stuart has been the accountant for Conspec for several years. It’s a long and fruitful relationship, which has resulted in many benefits for Conspec."

"Stuart’s wide business experience has enabled him to give me great advice, which goes far beyond what I would expect of a normal relationship with my accountant.  He is always available for me, if I need to talk to him, about any matters that rise unexpectedly.  I’ve enjoyed working with Stuart, and I look forward to the relationship continuing for many years to come."

Steve Bailey  Conspec – Car Leasing

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